A premier studio for both the recreational & pre-professional dancer

Since 1986, Studio 82’s dance program has become known as a premier place of study for both the recreational and pre-professional dancer.  We are currently home to around 400 recreational and pre-professional dancers.

Our faculty consists of professional dancers and educators, who perform, teach and choreograph both locally and nationally.  Our teachers are committed to instructing, educating and INSPIRING children in the art of dance!

Not Just For The Serious Dancer

Improve self-confidence, flexibility, posture, and coordination

Although many of STUDIO 82’s dancers have gone on to pursue professional dance careers, STUDIO 82 is not only for the serious dancer. The majority of students who dance in our program are here to improve self-confidence, flexibility, posture, and coordination. At Studio 82, we feel a dance education helps to cultivate the whole person. Our dancers learn perseverance, collaborative spirit, and self discipline…attributes that transfer to the rest of life. Whether here for fun or for higher aspirations, we hope all our students experience the joy, excitement and passion that dance can create.

The Studio 82 Philosophy

Education does not end in the classroom

Studio 82 believes that dance education does not end at the local classroom. With that in mind, we continue to bring top name choreographers and teachers to our facility, as well as taking our students to New York and LA to experience classes in some of the foremost recognized studios in the country. Studio 82 dancers also attend nationally recognized competitions and conventions.

Studio 82 dance graduates are currently working in New York and LA, for National Touring Companies, teaching at studios in New York and throughout the country, choreographing and performing for NBA dance teams, studying at some of the country’s top collegiate dance programs and performing with collegiate dance teams.

Class Descriptions


young_girls_watchingPreschool Ballet/Creative Movement
This class is an introduction to dance. Our preschool program does not place as much emphasis on dance technique as it does on the students’ ability to let their bodies and minds move freely.  Although basic terminology, steps, and technique are taught, the focus is on creating a passion and joy for dance, music and movement. Students in this class wear pink leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers.  Hair should be pulled back neatly in a bun.

KinderBallet, Ballet & Pointe
Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance and is where all basic dance technique is developed. In this class, we focus on strength, balance and flexibility, as well as, ballet terminology.  Solid ballet technique is an essential aspect towards a student’s progression in other forms of dance and is important for the mental and physical discipline required for proper execution of dance movements. Pointe classes are by audition only.   Students in this class wear black leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers.  Hair should be pulled back neatly in a bun.

Jazz is a stylized form of theatrical dancing that is influenced by the musical styles of each decade. Jazz has a strong emphasis on control, style and fluidity of movement.  In Jazz, dancers learn to combine total body movement and isolated movement with musical expression.  We highly recommend that students continue taking their ballet training while taking jazz.  For our more advanced level jazz students, continued ballet training is a requirement. Students in this class should wear black dance shorts, capris or jazz pants, a form fitting leotard, tank top or t-shirt, and tan or black laceless jazz shoes.  (Students will most likely use tan for our annual recital; however, performing groups may use black for performances.)

Tap is a dance form that uses the dancer’s feet to create sound and rhythm.  In this class, various styles of tap are addressed from traditional “Broadway style” tap to more current “rhythm tap.”   Our tap classes cover and stress proper terminology, style and execution.  Tap is excellent for the development of fine motor skills as well as building stamina and cardiovascular conditioning. Students in this class should wear black dance shorts, capris or jazz pants, a form fitting leotard, tank top or t-shirt, and black jazz taps.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a combination of street dancing, breakdancing, jazz, improv, and stylized isolations to high energy hits from today’s Pop and R & B charts.  This is one of our most popular classes and offers students the chance to have a great time, stay fit, and focus on improving their strength and rhythm.  We highly recommend that all Hip Hop dancers also take Jazz. Students in this class should wea loose fitting pants or shorts. Capri pants are acceptable.  Leotard under pants, with form-fitting tank top or T-shirt.  Street tennis shoes.

Lyrical and Contemporary are a great way for students who have studied ballet, to continue to apply their skills to a more contemporary style of dance.  Strength, flexibility, and technique are still the focus, as is a greater level of body manipulation and movement.  The students begin to focus on learning to tell a complete story through dance and express emotions through movement.  Lyrical and Contemporary are only offered to dancers with previous ballet experience. Students in these classes should wear black dance shorts, capris or jazz pants, a form fitting leotard, tank top or t-shirt, and lyrical dance shoes.

Awards and Recognition